Beaumont is known for its outdoor recreation and we are proud of it! Whether taking trips to the Hike and Bike trails, local parks, the Big Thicket or Cattail Marsh, it is important to be prepared when getting out in nature. If you get the bug to get outside and enjoy nature, we encourage you to follow some of these steps when exploring the area.

Every runner knows that it can be dangerous sharing the road with drivers and even with pedestrians in some cases. While there’s no way to totally avoid accidents when you’re running making yourself as visible as possible increases the chances that you will be able to avoid an accident. There are some easy ways that runners can increase their visibility without making it more difficult to run like:

Light It Up

A miner’s headlamp is a great accessory for runners who like to run at night or during other low light times of the day. The lamp will make you much more visible to drivers and other people who are out, and it also will make it easier for you to see where you’re going. You won’t trip over roots, rocks, or curbs when you have a bright light that makes the road in front of you visible. A miner’s lamp will also attach securely to your head so that you don’t have to worry about carrying anything while you’re running. They’re inexpensive and every runner should have one.

Channel The 80s

Neon may not be the fashion statement that it used to be in the 80s but for running it’s a smart choice. Bright neon clothing will reflect in headlights and make it a lot easier for drivers to spot you when you’re running on the road. Neon isn’t everyone first choice when it comes to fashionable running gear but safety matters a lot more than fashion. If you really don’t like neon look for gear with neon patches that will accomplish the same goal.

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Change Your Run Time

Many runners consider their running time sacred and like to run either early in the morning or in the evening as a way to de-stress. But those are also the most dangerous times to run because there is very low visibility and it puts runners at risk. Try changing your run time to midmorning, lunchtime, or later afternoon to increase visibility.

Be Flashy

Runners on a budget can use reflective tape on their running clothes and shoes to increase visibility. Reflective tape will adhere securely to fabric so you can put it on your jacket, hat, shoes, shorts, and anything else that you’re wearing. It’s also very affordable. It may not last through many washes so you might have to replace it after you wash your running clothes a few times, but it’s a good option if you are on a tight budget but still need to be more visible.

Safety Vest

Most runners don’t even want to consider wearing a reflective safety vest because it conjures images of crossing guards. But there are a lot of stylish safety vests made for modern runners. With tactical style and lots of pockets to hold your phone, keys, and other items these safety vests are reflective and some of them have LED lights that flash and other visibility boosting extras. If you want the most visibility for the cheapest price a runner’s safety vest is the best option.

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