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Lauren Monitz
Lauren Monitz

Lauren Monitz is a Denver-based travel blogger specializing in Denver and Chicago travel on her personal blog, The Down Lo. Lauren also works with the Beaumont CVB through the GoBeau blog, content creation and assistance with various press trips and other public relations opportunities. Lauren's goal is to visit all 50 states and 50 countries before 50 and she's a little over halfway there. She tell her stories from the road and the places she knows best. The tales she wants to remember, the legacy she wants to leave. It’s always about the journey, not the destination for Lauren.



Beaumont Locals are Taking Their Talents Online

It’s easy to get stir crazy at home or fall down the rabbit hole of the internet’s all-consuming media binges. But instead of turning to Netflix, books, and games as sources of entertainment, some of our community members are finding ways to cope that celebrate the community while tapping into their…

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