Great Horned Owl

Beaumont Birdie Passport


Birthdate: February 11
Currently Resides:  Edison Museum

With huge yellow eyes, this powerful predator has some intimating looks,
And on its head, the two feathered tufts make him the quintessential owl of storybooks.
At night, soft feathers help him fly quietly of prey in pursuit, 
However, he does advertise his territory with a deep soft hoot.



Did you know? The Great Horned Owl is found in practically all habitats in North America, from swamps to deserts to northern coniferous forest near tree line.

Beaumont Birding

Edison Museum

Edison Museum 

Located in Beaumont, Texas, the museum is dedicated to Thomas Alva Edison and his inventions and innovations, the museum interprets Edison through interactive exhibits while using more than 60 historic objects. The museum offers visitors insight into Thomas A. Edison.

The museum is housed in the historic Travis Street Substation building. We have more than 1,400 artifacts in our growing study collection and an expanding reference library. The museum is the only facility of it's kind west of the Mississippi River. 

School and group reservations are required and can be made by calling the museum as 409-981-3089 or sending an e-mail with date, time, number in group and a contact phone number to

Tuesday- Friday 9:00am- 2:00pm,

Saturday 10:00am- 2:00pm.

Closed Sunday, Monday, and major holidays.
Edison Museum Kinetoscope