Canada Goose

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Birthdate: December 16
Currently Resides: Clifton Steamboat Museum

Clifton is always surrounded by his flock,
Flying together in a V while they squawk.
Noisy, adaptive and ready to conquer,
This waterfowl is not one to be somber.

Clifton Steamboat Museum

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Did you know? Once considered a symbol of wilderness, the Canada Goose has adapted well to civilization, nesting around park ponds and golf courses.


Beaumont Birding

Clifton Steamboat Museum

Clifton Steamboat Museum

Step back and relive the spirit of history featuring "Heroes... Past, Present, and Future," honoring our military and civilian heroes. The museum’s art galleries bring to life the Wars fought in Southeast Texas and Louisiana, as well as the Steamboat era, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. 

Upper art galleries of the museum feature original bronze sculptures, Native American artists, wildlife, and frontier paintings from famous artists. A special gallery in the museum is dedicated to the Boy Scouts with artifacts dating back before the 1960's. The museum also has a gift shop.Hours:

Monday - Thursday
10AM - 1PM