Beaumont Attractions

You've heard the saying, "Everything is bigger in Texas." Here in Beaumont, we hold that to be true. So when the kids are itching to get out of the car, make a stop here in Beaumont for these family-friendly roadside attractions.

1) Big Beau

Located at Interstate 10 Exit 838 at Gator Country.

Big Beau Alligator, Roadside Attraction in Beaumont

If you're coming or going, it's likely you'll be traveling on Interstate 10, which is where you'll find Beaumont's 135-foot alligator, Big Beau. Beau welcomes travelers to Beaumont as well as Gator Country Adventure Park, his home. Both are worth a stop. Take IH-10 Exit 838 for an experience you won't forget.

2) Original World's Largest Fire Hydrant

Located in downtown Beaumont at the Fire Museum of Texas. Take exit 855A.

Giant Fire Hydrant in Beaumont, Texas

Another must-see while in Beaumont, is the 24-foot fire hydrant located in downtown at The Fire Museum of Texas, IH-10 Exit 855A. This Dalmatian-spotted Hydrant is a favorite among kids and a great place to stop for a family photo.

3) Happy Half-Wit Muffler Man

One of only four in Texas, Happy can found off 11th Street, Interstate 10 exit 851.

Happy Half-Wit Muffler Man in Beaumont

Famous in the world of roadside attractions, Beaumont is also home to a Happy Half Wit Muffler Man. He stands about 25 feet in height and can be found at Ken's Mufflers on 11th Street, IH-10 Exit 851.

4) Lucas Gusher Replica

Just off Hwy 69 at the Highland Avenue Exit on the campus of Lamar University.

Lucas Gusher at Spindletop Gladys City in Beaumont

We also recommend you make a stop to see the Lucas Gusher Replica at Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum on the campus of Lamar University, Hwy 69 Highland Avenue Exit. This working replica gusher blows water hundreds of feet into the air, much like on that fated day when the Lucas Gusher struck oil over 100 years ago. Be sure to check the Gladys City website for a current schedule of the gusher re-enactment and other special activities.

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