Beaumont BBQ

Whether passing through or staying and playing, you gotta try Beaumont barbecue. While we didn't invent it, we did leave our mark on the world of barbecue and we take it seriously. It's all about the meat, the heat and the flavor.Texas is no stranger to barbeque, and Beaumont specifically will cater to every smoked turkey, chopped brisket and BBQ nacho needs. While most of the restaurants offer traditional Texas-style barbeque, you will find some with off-the-wall choices. 

Beef brisket epitomizes Texas barbecue, but beef and pork ribs, pulled or chopped beef or pork, chicken, turkey and sausage can be found on grills all over Beaumont. A dry spice rub is often applied to the meat before it is cooked to add distinctive regional flavors. Slow cooking over low heat produces the tender-pull-apart meat and a smoky zest.

The sauce, a tangy-tomato based concoction, is viewed as a condiment here in Beaumont. It can be brushed lightly on the cooked meat or served on the side. Your hands will get messy and you will lick your lips and wipe your chin when the meal is over. Don't worry, though, no one will mind; you're among friends. Besides, everyone else is probably busy ordering seconds!