The J. D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area is a 24,250 acre tract of fresh, intermediate and brackish water within the prairie-marsh zone along the upper coast of Texas. These wetlands are part of the Texas Chenier Plain, the westernmost geologic delta of the Mississippi River. The headquarters is on the south side of Highway 73 at the intersection of Jade Avenue in Port Arthur. Three distinct units exist: the Big Hill Unit (8,312 acres), the Hillebrandt Unit (591 acres), and the Lost Lake Unit (4,074 acres). The Area is a key nesting and brooding area for Mottled Ducks, with an increasing amount of nesting by Fulvous and Black-bellied Whistling ducks, particularly since the late 1980's. Blue-winged Teal and Snow Geese nest on the Area. A large colonial waterbird rookery is located immediately west of Lost Lake Camp. Hours: Open during daylight hours for wildlife viewing except during hunting season.