• Starting: 8:00 PM
  • $50
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When Myles Stewart was summoned to Courtney Dennis the assistant warden’s office, he encountered a woman that was sexy, daunting, and conniving. Courtney knows what she wants, and always gets it, even if it requires unscrupulous behavior. After reviewing Myles’ record, the potential she sees in him drives her to pull a few strings on his behalf. And with a body like Courtney’s how could Myles say no, even if there were strings attached? Surprised yet thrilled with the prospect of an early prison release, Myles agrees to be at her beck and call upon his discharge. Little did he know that her, ‘beck and call’ would be way more than he was ready for or could handle.

Despite his seedy past Myles’ longtime friend, turned quasi-sweetheart, Lori Williams has his back. She does what any woman in love would do, support and provide for him while he gets back on his feet. Myles wants to do right by her, but he has a few secrets that keeps his cell phone and his whereabouts hidden.Ultimately he underestimates the power of Courtney’s long arm authority. He gets caught out there in a nasty web of lies and deceit, and learns the hard way that he should never ever play with a woman’s heart.

Triwen Productions & Dana S Hubbard Presents "Never Play With a Woman's Heart"
  • 765 Pearl Street
  • Beaumont, TX 77701
  • to August 4, 2018
  • Julie Rogers Theatre
  • $50