• 6:00 PM
  • $25 - $100
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The Junior League of Beaumont is getting ready to dance the night away with its newest fundraiser, “Dancing with the Stars of Southeast Texas.” On March 2, 2017, the Beaumont Civic Center will be transformed into a star studded extravaganza featuring 16 of the community’s best and brightest.

This is the first year for this unique community building endeavor featuring local stars: Dr. Garrett Peel and Hillary Shanning; Roy West and Katie Whitney Celli; William McNeill and Blair Foxworth; Jefferson Fisher and Gina Guillory; Angel San Juan and Regina Lindsey; Ben Case and Christine Stetson; Kyle Burdick and Dr. Renee Brown-Nembhard and Dr. Rudy Sotolongo and Gigi Mazzola.  

Each pair of “stars” will perform dances choreographed by professional instructors from the premier dance studios in the area. This event could not happen without the following choreographers and dance studios: Rebecca Woodland with Beaumont CVB; Emma Hunter with Bonnie Cokinos School of Dance; Amanda Cogswell and Emanuel Barron with Ashland’s Affirming Arts Studio; Jacey Garcia and B.J. with City Dance Center; Peyton Jones with the Health and Wellness Center (HWC); Lisa Kethley with Dance Attitudes; Charlee Hanna-Rule with I Rule Dance; and Lacey Chiassons with Exygon Health and Fitness.

Together, the dancers and choreographers will bring performances that make up a fabulous evening of entertainment and fun while raising funds for the many worthy projects supported by the Junior League of Beaumont. 

Dancing with the Stars of Southeast Texas
  • 701 Main Street
  • Beaumont, TX 77701
  • to March 2, 2017
  • Beaumont Civic Center
  • $25 - $100