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Ashley White
Communications Manager

The staff at the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau is here to help cut your research time with press kits, FAM trips and more.
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Kyle Petty Charity Ride
"Thank you for all of your help! Everything went so smoothly, and I'm being completely honest when I say that Beaumont was my favorite stop. Everyone was so welcoming, and the fans were very kind and cooperative. I appreciate all of your help promoting the event."
-  Kyle Petty Charity Ride

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Meetings mean business in Beaumont!

Posted By: Stephanie
Posted On: February 9, 2012
Posted In: Meetings

Infograph - Meetings

Meetings and Events bring tourism dollars into the local economy. Taxes and money spent here by tourists not only helps businesses like hotels and restaurants but it reduces taxes, provides over 2,900 jobs. This infographic shows the economic impact of the meetings industry on Beaumont in 2011.