Beaumont—a city with lots of nightlife, lively bars and fun events—is one of the best destinations in Southeast Texas for a trip with friends when there’s an occasion to celebrate. If you want a bachelor or bachelorette party, 40th birthday getaway, or a weekend trip for good music and great barbecue, book a trip to Beaumont. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan the perfect weekend with friends in Beaumont, Texas. Step 1: Book a fun and functional hotel.  Beaumont has lots of fun places to stay for a weekend trip with a group of friends. The MCM Elegante

Hot sparks and flames flying…. immense heat radiating…the loud persistent clanking of metal hitting metal, over and over and over again. Creativity along with fire and metal is what makes the age old craft of blacksmithing. It’s an art that is gaining in popularity in Beaumont and beyond. Metalsmith Rob Flurry teaches blacksmithing classes at Spindletop Gladys City Boomtown . “I really like passing on the art, the skill and making sure it doesn’t get lost,” said blacksmith Rob Flurry. Flurry says his curiosity of blacksmithing started young with the

We know sometimes it can be stressful being the one in charge of helping put together a family or class reunion. So if you're looking for fresh ideas, look no further! Here are three ways for you to get creative and make your reunion unique, courtesy of the Beaumont CVB.  1) Plan a Scavenger Hunt Get outside and spice up your next get together with a scavenger hunt. Whether it's geocaching or scouting for treasure around Beaumont, the CVB can help coordinate a group activity that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. 2) Tour Your Hometown Touring your

Spring in Beaumont means getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. Bring your blanket and pack your favorite food for the annual McFaddin-Ward House Spring Picnic. It’s a popular event at the historic mansion that includes live music, games, food trucks and plenty of other family friendly entertainment. The best’s free! “People from all walks of life are now attending our events and I really think we tapped into something important, inspiring and visionary for our city,” said the Director of the McFaddin-Ward House Allen Lea. Lea says hosting

Two young men sit at a plastic table set up in front of Bonnie Cokinos’ Dance Studio on Calder, relaxing for a moment after a busy Friday lunch rush. Behind them, is a large truck emblazoned with the blue and white logo “ DAT MAC .” They are Aaron Barnhill and Jordan Stringer, and this delicious endeavor is their brain child. “So what made you guys decide on mac and cheese?” I ask Stringer. “We are so much more than just mac and cheese,” he replies. Barnhill adds, “You can go anywhere in the world for mac and cheese, but

It’s not Easter in Beaumont without an egg hunt or visit with the big bunny, but there are other ways you can celebrate the season. The Southeast Texas Faith Trail  recognizes the significant places of worship in our area. These are beautiful buildings with eye catching architecture and notable historical significance that you may drive past all the time without taking time to stop, reflect and really enjoy what there is to offer. (Don’t worry, we also have a list of Easter Events, but first… consider taking your family for a trip on the Faith Trail.) Faith Trail

Beaumont welcomes the National Physique Committee to the Julie Rogers Theatre on Saturday, April 22, 2017 for the Southeast Texas Championship. “This is the second bodybuilding competition and fitness expo to hit Beaumont since 1996,” says Robin Fore, Chief Operations Officer for the Southeast Texas Championship. “This year, the Southeast Texas Championship is sanctioned as a national qualifier!” The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the premier amateur physique organization in the world. Since 1982, the top athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini

Spring is one of our favorite seasons in Beaumont (and for good reason)! Mild temperatures means two things: It's crawfish season and events are in full swing. From carnival rides and cowboys to art exhibitions and weekly trail runs, April is full of things to do with events the whole family will enjoy. Here are 5 ways to enjoy April in Beaumont, Texas. 1) Things to Do with Kids YMBL South Texas State Fair & Rodeo Through April 9, 2017 5115 Interstate 10 S Beaumont, TX 77705 Cost: $4 - $8 The YMBL South Texas State Fair & Rodeo is held annually at the Ford Park and

Growing up in Southeast Texas, I’ve always known about the world famous athlete and Beaumont native Babe Didrikson Zaharias . Of course, you probably recognize the unusual shaped museum along Interstate 10 dedicated to Zaharias, but what you might not know is the huge influence this woman had not only on our city, but for women and sports everywhere. “Her impact has been monumental. It's impossible to calculate because her breakthroughs inspired so many women who built on those breakthroughs,” said author Rich Wallace. Rich Wallace and his wife Sandra Neil Wallace

Enjoying crawfish is a tradition for many in Beaumont, Texas. Whether you have a snap, crack and peel method or you suck the heads clean, there is no wrong way to enjoy crawfish. And, there are plenty of options of places to go to find the best mud bugs around. We’ve got a list of the most popular crawfish joints in Beaumont and the surrounding areas. Let us know if you know of a place to add to our list! Insider Tip :  For every restaurant mentioned below, keep in mind crawfish is seasonal (February - May) and prices may change according to market prices and availability.