American Goldfinch

You cannot miss the golden hue of the American Goldfinch or the beautiful voice of the songbird. Although very common in North America, the American Goldfinch is engrained in our history and is even the state bird of New Jersey. In the summer, their golden tones shine in the sunlight and change to a light brown in the winter. It is known to have one white-wing bar on each wing and white on his tail. The female has two white-wing bars on each wing with a black tail and white tips.
Gravitating towards deciduous shrubs, trees and weeds as their home, the American Goldfinch normally lives less than 30 feet above ground. The American Goldfinch stays near edges of fields, rivers, gardens, orchards and other brushy areas where thistle is grown. 
Thistle seeds are their main source of food, causing their breeding to coincide when there is an abundance of thistle seed in the area. They are most common in the south during the winter time, year-round from east to west coast and during the summer in northern United States and Canada.

is a small North American bird in the finch family. It is migratory, ranging from mid-Alberta to North Carolina during the breeding season, and from just south of the Canada–United States border to Mexico during the winter. The only finch in its subfamily to undergo a complete molt.

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