Meet the Beaumont Birdies!

Meet the BirdiesThis flock of feathered friends represents some of the region’s most sought-after bird species, and they invite you to get out and explore some of their favorite places to see. 

The Beaumont Birdies are part of the Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau’s nature tourism marketing initiative, designed to capture the interest of a broader audience in the birding community and to increase awareness of Beaumont’s birding hotspots. These namesake Birdies will serve as Beaumont ambassadors, helping the CVB to raise awareness about the nearby 28 Birding Trails and local attractions.

These Beaumont Birdies are not for sale, but there are two ways to get your own!

bird package

Birding Checklist comparing 7 of 28 Great Texas Coastal Birding Trails within a 40 mile radius.


Beaumont is on two migratory flyways & hundreds of bird species are spotted around Beaumont annually.


Enjoy the live stream from Cattail Marsh Wetlands Boardwalk!

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