Beaumont, Texas: Paddling the Neches River Written by Diana Rowe. Photographs by Diana Rowe. Beaumont, Texas, you ask?  Why yes, and one of the many experiences that makes a visit to this East Texas town worthwhile IS paddling the Neches River, a popular river in the Big Thicket National Preserve. But it’s more than that…it’s the solitude, the exhilarating beauty of the river and the welcoming spirit of the residents. Say yes to Beaumont, Texas and Paddling the Neches River. Beaumont is on the border of Louisiana, but most definitely all about Texas. Sharing

Beaumont - history, food and family excursions, just a stone's throw east Written by: Patsy Oliver. Photos by Patsy Oliver. My daughter Heather, and I recently spent a three-day weekend in Beaumont. I've driven through it a hundred times, but I regret to say I never thought to stop and see what it had to offer. We had a loose itinerary, with room to change and adapt as we saw fit. We were both really surprised that there was so much to keep us busy; one day we will have to go back to check a few more highlights off our list. Our first stop Friday afternoon was the Fire Museum of Texas,

A Woman Called Babe Written by: Sally Campbell. The most gifted female athlete of the 20th century, and perhaps of all time, was a Texas woman called Babe. Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias became a U.S. sensation and an international phenomenon after she won three medals in track and field at the 1932 Olympics. Babe excelled at every sport she tried, and by the 1940s, was the greatest woman golfer that had ever played the game. She was a woman ahead of her time and although she had critics who accused her of being pushy, coarse, and

BEAUMONT IN BLOOM, by Jennifer Babisak With its progressive culinary scene and unique recreational opportunities, Beaumont is open for business. SETTLED NEARLY TWO CENTURIES AGO on the banks of the Neches River, just inland from the Gulf of Mexico, Beaumont has evolved from a sleepy farming community to a vibrant cultural melting pot. East Texas culture, influenced by the thick pine forests to the north, lends Deep South hospitality while the nearby Louisiana border infuses distinctly Cajun flair. Combined with the wildcatting

Have a Sweet Summer in Beaumont, Texas Written by Jo-Carolyn Goode. For Houston Style Magazine, Summer 2015 Edition. It’s a sweet time to be in Beaumont! All sugar lovers are sure to be in heaven at the mention (or taste) of these deliciously crafted creations available at various restaurants around the city. Crown Pizza ice cream sandwiches The house-made ice cream sandwiches at Crown Pizza are large enough to share (but we’ll leave that choice up to you.) Opened last fall, this Neapolitan-style pizzeria packs soft-serve ice cream between fresh-baked chocolate chip or peanut

Wildlife... At Cattail Marsh Wetlands Area, 900 acres offer a variety of recreational activities, with more than 8 miles of gravel roads perfect for jogging, biking, hiking and more. Take the family and make a contest out of who can spot the most animals. This wildlife refuge has attracted the interest of environmentalists and serious birders, with more than 350 species making appearances annually. It's also home to gators and aquatic animals. Cattail Marsh Wetlands Area is located at 5305 Tyrrell Park Road. The park is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more

Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum Take a step back in time to 1901 during the discovery of Spindletop - an event that would forever change the oil industry in Texas. At the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, visitors can tour a replica of what that boomtown city used to be like in the early 20th century. Travelers can take a tour of the "city" - including a visit to the local barber shop, and printing shop and saloon, among other places. Reenactments and vintage baseball games are just some of the activities patrons can enjoy. Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum is

Day Trips: Cattail Marsh, Beaumont Nature preserve offers up amazing sights BY GERALD E. MCLEOD, FRI., FEB. 13, 2015 Cattail Marsh, on the western edge of Beaumont, has somewhere around 200 resident alligators. The wetlands are really a wastewater treatment plant disguised as a nature preserve. The gravel trails are levees around filtration cells or ponds that also provide prime habitats for the alligators and other wildlife in the tall grasses. Dogs and horses are welcome to join the bikers and hikers following the trails along Hillebrandt Bayou. There are more than 900 acres of

Take a trip to Gator Country This 15-acre wildlife rescue park offers hands-on education, fun. Posted: 12:00 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015 By Mauri Elbel - Special to the American-Statesman   When traveling around the bayou area of Southeast Texas, don’t miss a trip to Gator Country on the outskirts of Beaumont. A thrilling alligator and reptile adventure awaits just off I-10 on this 15-acre wildlife rescue park built on the remnants of an abandoned alligator breeding farm. As Texas’ largest alligator rescue facility, Gator Country is also the home of the state’s biggest